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Pashke Consulting Welcomes Your Business

Pashke Consulting has provided services in the areas of

  • Financial Consulting,
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Valuations

We welcome the opportunity to serve and collaborate with you.


  • Ratio, Trend & Best Practices (Are my financial relationships and trends healthy? How do I compare to the best performers?)
  • Profit Enhancement Strategies (How can I increase my profitability?)
  • Profit Planning & Budgeting (What is my financial game plan?)
  • Feasibility Studies (Is my geographic or facility expansion feasible? What are the risks I must overcome?)
  • Projections (If I do this what can I expect?)
  • Debt Restructuring (Does my debt-equity relationship make sense? Is it a favorable time to restructure?)
  • Activity Based Costing (What drives the activities that drive my costs? What are my value-added activities? Should I consider outsourcing non-value activities?)
  • Overhead Studies (What are my overhead costs and how do they impact my products?)
  • Break-Even Analysis (What are my variable, semi-fixed and fixed costs?) What is my break-even volume and how do my strategic and tactical decisions affect my risk-reward relationships?)
  • Financial Modeling (Can I financially define operational relationships and analyze them for improvement?)
  • Cost Reduction Strategies (Which costs can I target for elimination? What are the implications of these reductions?)


  • Performance Measurement (Am I using measures that drive performance? What are my critical success factors and how do I measure performance?)
  • Industry Benchmarking (How do I stack up against my industry peers? What do I do well and where can I improve?)
  • Strategic & Tactical Planning (What is my strategic game plan and what tactics are needed to achieve it? Are my current operations in conflict with my strategic plan?)
  • Business Plans (Do I have a one to three year operational plan? Is it in concert with my strategic game plan?)
  • Management Information (Do I have the right information at the right time and in the right format to run my business?)
  • Management Retreats (Is it time to get my key management team pulling in the same direction?)
  • Advisory Board (Should I establish an advisory board for strategic, tactical, industry and managerial support? How do I go about establishing an advisory board? Who should be on it? Who will facilitate the process?)
  • Management Succession (Who will run my business after I’m gone? Have I planned an adequate financial and management transition?)
  • Business Risk Assessment (Where is my business vulnerable? What can I do to mitigate the potential damage?)
  • Activity Based Management (How can I better manage my activities?)


  • Estate & Gift Planning (What is the current value of my assets? What are the implications for their future growth and the impact on my gift and estate planning?)
  • Buy-Sell Agreements (If a shareholder-manager dies, becomes disabled, or terminates his/her affiliation with the enterprise, how will the interest be valued? Should minority and marketability discounts be considered? Who will purchase the interest and how will it be funded?)
  • Sale of a Business (Who is likely to buy my business? Will it be a financial or strategic buyer? Will the buyer acquire assets or common stock? How will the terms of sale impact me?)
  • Valuation Enhancement Strategies (What is my exit strategy and how can I manage my business to make it more valuable to a prospective buyer?)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (What am I buying? Are there synergistic benefits to the acquisition?)
  • Family Limited Partnerships & Limited Liability Corporations (What is the value of the gifted interest?)