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The TASK: The Trusted Advisors Survival Kit

We are pleased to announce Greg Pashke, CMC, CMA, CFM, CBA, MBA, CPA is a contributing Co-Author of: "The TASK - The Trusted Advisor's Survival Kit" (Lexis-Nexis, 2009). Greg contributed a chapter on "Defining the Role of the Generalist." The learning objectives for the chapter were:

  • Understand the implications complexity and specialization can have on the way you conduct your practice and serve your clients
  • Understand how generalist skills can improve the value you provide to clients
  • Understand the implications of the various "operational models" you employ and how they can shape your perceptions and behavior
  • Understand the implications, challenges and rewards of adopting a Generalist Profile approach in your professional and personal life

Greg collaborated with Peter Merrick, B.A., FMA, CFP, TEP, FCSI and President of Merrick Wealth Management in Toronto Canada on this ground breaking text. T.A.S.K. is dedicated to "life time learners and children at heart of all ages," who regardless of their location or position in life continue to focus their values, principles and insights for the betterment of our world. For an informative overview of the publication see Peter's interview on BNN's Money Talk:

"The TASK - The Trusted Advisor's Survival Kit"