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It’s awful lonely at the top. I don’t have anyone internally I can talk to about important issues.

We can help! We are good listeners. One on one consulting sessions are an excellent way to bounce your ideas off an independent and unbiased source. Sometimes just talking things out can either resolve your issue or define the additional information you’ll require to reach your decision.

Our management team is going in ten different directions. We never seem to be working on common goals. The right foot doesn’t know where the left foot is going.

We can help! We know the ropes concerning strategic and tactical planning. We can “facilitate” a management retreat for your team. You’ll reach consensus on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, industry trends, and strategic issues. You’ll develop a logical and consistent plan of action for getting your organization to where you want it to be. You’ll learn a lot about each other, develop an effective game plan, and have fun in the process.

I need a talented multi-disciplinary team of advisors. An advisory board that can keep me focused on the right issues.

We can help! We can help you analyze the type and level of expertise you need. Then we can assist in the recruitment of advisors, plan the sessions and facilitate the interaction of the participants. You’ll get the advice you need and expand your managerial capacity.

Corporate headquarters is always asking for information that we don’t have the time or the expertise to produce.

We can help! We have the experience to handle those crisis projects or periodic information requests. We can supplement your staff so you can keep corporate happy while doing the real work at your division.

We’ve been downsized to the point we can effectively handle day to day business but we have no way to handle special projects or peak time overloads.

We can help! We can outsource those functions for you. We have the experience to handle those special projects or peak overloads. We can supplement your staff so you can address those critical issues that always manage to crop up.

We need the services of a seasoned controller but quite frankly we can’t afford one.

We can help! We can fill the gaps. We can provide those periodic controllership functions. We can help draft business plans and financial projections, assist in discussions with lenders, mediate with external parties, develop and analyze performance measures, review process and product costs, and basically handle those special projects that require a higher level of expertise.

I need to plan an exit strategy for my business.

We can help! We can help appraise the current condition of your business. We can then focus on the “value drivers” of your industry and develop an effective strategy to maximize value from the perception of a potential buyer. We can then target prospective buyers for a future sale.